Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing - Is it the answer?

It seems like the more hail that we get in the area, the more people there are considering metal roofing. First, there are differing qualities of metal roofing and chances are if your price is too good to be true, it probably is.

Low quality metal roofing, can and will be damaged by severe hail, just like other roofing material. The problem with metal is, hail damage can be obvious and unsightly. So it really comes down to how much you are willing to pay to get a durable metal roof that looks amazing and will last, let’s say a lifetime, whatever that means?

Metal Roofing - Is it the answer?

Another potential advantage to metal roofing in the Black Hills and out on the prairies is that it holds up better in the wind. There are no shingles to be blown off, which really should not happen anyway, but it does. So, if you are in a high wind area, you can consider your maintenance cost over time and the fact that a shingle roof will not be as durable or last as long as a good quality metal roof, when you make your decision on which roofing material to use.

There is some maintenance involved in metal roofing, possibly some adjustments to be made over time and different warranties on the paint. You will definitely want to do your homework here, again if it sounds to good to be true, it more than likely is. Listen to your gut.

Metal Roofing - Is it the answer?

We are her to answer any questions that you have and will be happy to go over the various roofing material options for your specific job. Our quotes are always free and without obligation so contact us today.

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